Hello there!

I've been listening to your music ever since I discovered Nujabes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating what you've created. In many ways your music has inspired me to live a fuller, more meaningful life. I have one question: what's the best piece of advice or life lesson you've learned over the years that has helped you get to where you are today? Thank you, and god bless.


Spencer Sekulin

Substantial responded on 06/21/2018

Peace Spencer,

Thank you for listening. I truly appreciate it.

As far as advice, something I live by is choosing not to complain about things I don't plan on do anything about. If I see something that bothers me in my personal life or the world, I come up with a plan on how I change it whether it's by a lot or little. But if I know that the person I'm talking to, or I, have no intension or doing something about it, I end those conversations as quick as they start. Protect your energy at all cost and discern what's worthy of it to maximize your impact on the world.

Stay in PEACE.

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